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"To ever expand our love of the wines of Bordeaux and our appreciation of the vignerons"

The Commanderie attracts a diverse and talented membership of oenophiles from across the United States and around the world.  Many of our members have been enthusiastic advocates of Bordeaux wines for numerous years.  Prospective members typically share a love for Bordeaux wines before they pursue membership.

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The Commanderie de Bordeaux is an organization that dates to the late 1950’s when some Bordeaux wine lover launched the first chapter in New York.  The Commanderie operates as an extension of the Bordeaux winemaking community.  Our purpose is to promote and educate people about Bordeaux wines and, of course, to share the grand experience of tasting and consuming these glorious treasures.  Click below to learn more about our history and membership opportunities.

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The Commanderie's commitment to education and learning takes many forms - from blind wine tastings and seminars, video master classes and vineyard field trips both in the USA and France.

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The Commanderie has chapters in almost every major city in the U.S. and is adding new chapters all the time.  Find out more about where our chapters are located and discover details about a chapter near you.


The Commanderie hosts numerous events for its members throughout the year.  Every four years the Grand Conseil de Vin de Bordeaux hosts a Mondiale in Bordeaux where Commandeurs from around the world meet to sample and marvel at the incredible complexity that Bordeaux and its wines have to offer.

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