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The Commanderie de Bordeaux aux États-Unis d'Amérique was organized in 1957 by a small group of lovers of Bordeaux wines and became a New York corporation in 1959. Since it has grown to include 37 chapters and some 1300 members located in different cities around the United States. It is affiliated with a worldwide network of 90 Commanderies in 28 countries under the overall patronage of the Bordeaux-based Grand Conseil du Vin de Bordeaux (GCVB)

The members (Commandeurs) of these chapters get together periodically for luncheons and dinners called "parlements" from the French verb parler, (to talk) and other events in order to enjoy, discuss and learn more about the wines of the various Bordeaux regions and their different vintages. Through their passion for these wines, Commandeurs become emissaries of the Bordeaux winemakers to their localities, with the goal of broadening the appreciation of the wines of Bordeaux in the US.

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