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The Commanderie is dedicated to supporting the Petits Châteaux of Bordeaux.  Hundreds of small châteaux produce thousands of every-day wines from appellations such as Cotes de Blaye and Bourg, Entre Deux Mers, Fronsac Canon Fronsac, and the Haut Medoc.

These wines are distinguished by the fact that they age well and offer a style and character in tune with their fruit-forward nature and very available cost, which is usually at or below the $40 price point.

To increase volume and demand for unclassified Bordeaux wines while serving our Commandeurs, the Commanderie recently launched its Commandeur's Choice Initiative (CCI) with the objective of generating opportunities for individual Commandeur's to purchase outstanding Bordeaux wines for every-day enjoyment based on the input and advice of the Commanderie community at large.


The process used to identify and recommend specific wines is governed by the following criteria:

  • Stringent selection based on blind tastings by multiple Commandeurs.

  • Wine tasting trips to Petits Châteaux in Bordeaux.  

  • Wine recommendations that address all palates to maintain and garner the attention of Commandeurs.

  • A maximum of 24 wines recommended per year.

  • Monthly E-mail blasts to all Commandeurs recommending Petits Châteaux wines detailing approximate online prices,  tasting notes, states served, etc. 

There are many great Bordeaux wines that are made by highly skilled vintners and retail for ridiculously low prices.  In order to support and highlight these wonderful wines, the Commanderie conducts tastings every year at each chapter to identify a representative wine from the chapter that is recommended for an overall tasting at a Board of Governor’s meeting (usually in January).  The results of these tastings are tabulated and the winners are acknowledged with Commandeur’s Choice recognition.  Click on the years below to learn more about these Bordeaux bargains which you can enjoy next time your glass might be empty!

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