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The Commanderie de Bordeaux is a vibrant and growing organization worldwide. The Commanderies operate under the auspices of the Grand Conseil du Vin de Bordeaux (GCVB).


The Commanderies are made up of both wine enthusiasts and professionals from the wine trade who meet periodically to increase their knowledge and appreciation of the appellations of the Bordeaux wine region.

Lectures, tastings, and informal talks are organized by the Commanderies to help members and periodically nonmembers to better understand the complexities and qualities of Bordeaux wines.

The range and variety of Commanderie activities depend on the personalities of individual members.  Activities relating to the enjoyment of Bordeaux wine and its environment - whether it be in a light-hearted, cultural, or studious way are a  privilege of membership.


Every member inducted as a "Commandeur" is awarded a diploma and Medallion from the "Maître" (Leader) of the Commanderie. The Maître oversees the running of the Commanderie's activities and plays an essential role in the communication between individual Commanders and the national and international leadership teams. 


The Commanderies essentially act as emissaries for Bordeaux wines. On an international scale, they play the critical role of relaying information and passing on their enthusiasm about Bordeaux wine. The Commanderies help setting permanent relationships between Bordeaux and their home countries. 


A Commanderie typically has between 25 and 40 members, although the founding Commanderie in New York City has over 100 members.


New Commanderies continue to be established throughout the world. 

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